Friday, February 3, 2012

My conversations with HER - Part 3

My conversations with HER – Part 3 – Written on 7th October 2011

Om Tat Sat Brahmaarpanamastu

I read and re-read the writings of the last two days...I told HER

Me: Lalithamba, there are grammatical errors in the writings...The word usage is not correct...Why didn't YOU correct them?

SHE: Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam,Govindam Bhaja Mooda Mathe; Samprapthe Sannihithe Kale, Nahi Nahi Rakshathi Dookrunj Karane....Didn't you quote these lines to Aacharya? {Dr. S. Ramakrishna Sharma}

Me: Yes, but that was in the context of learning Sanskrit.

SHE: What is English, if not a language too?? Will the rules of English grammar help you at the end of your life?

Me:  {Mumbling, I thought YOU were my conscious and YOU support Aacharya{Sorry Aacharya, but the thought did come} }

SHE: Is there such a thing as 'your conscious', 'his conscious'?? Isn't it just ONE conscious?


SHE: What else did you learn as you re-read the writings?

Me: That there were 'micro-seconds' of SILENCE inbetween thoughts, which I, at that time didn't pay attention to because I was busy with my list of questions...

SHE: And?

Me: And that sadhana is, but to change those 'micro-seconds' of SILENCE into 'micro-seconds' of thoughts { Meaning: Maximum silence, minimum thoughts}


A few hours later..........

Me: Lalithamba, we are leaving tomorrow to go to India....How do I continue to do the Ganapathy tharpanam while on flight?

SHE: The same way you first did it....Don't you remember how you did it the 1st time?

Me: Yes...It was before I met Guruji online....Sometime in June - July 2011, while at work, I had come across the Old Devipuram website and I had an urge to do the Ganapathy tharpanam...So, I took off my footwear and just listened to the audio....I had told Ganapathy "I know that YOU are somewhere in my body...Wherever YOU are, I offer it to YOU"

SHE: Now you know that HE is in the Muladhara Chakra, so mentally chant it and offer the results to HIM

Sometime later......

Me: Lalithamba, can you clear that doubt? It's been there for a while now.

The doubt:  In the Lalitopakhyana, it is mentioned that YOU killed Bhandasura. Superficially, I understand that YOU did it to protect the Devas, but why did YOU do it? When Lakshmi, a part of YOU can bestow blessings to HER devotees by merely HER glance, why couldn't YOU either 1) change Bhandasura's thoughts/heart or 2) kill him within a second?? Why the full blown war?? When the whole world is, but a fragment of YOUR form, why this round about way to kill Bhandasura?? If its just to wipe out Bhandasura & his army of asuras, couldn't it be done by YOU merely thinking/wishing it??

SHE: It has a symbolic meaning...What did Guruji tell you about the procedure to workship Lalitha? Didn't he say that you follow the procedure of Ganapathy - Shyama - Varahi and then Lalitha....Bhandasura represents the BIG FAT EGO and Lalitopakhyana talks about the process to eliminate the EGO so that you can finally merge with LALITHA.


Earlier this morning......

Me: O Laithamba, is it a co-incidence that I start, sorry, YOU made me start writing, after Navarathri? If YOU really wanted me to start writing before itself, YOU could have done it, couldn't YOU?


Me: Is it a co-incidence that only after my family participated in the Lalitha homam, Vag Devata homam & Dasa Maha Vidya homam offered at Devipuram, during Navarathri 2011, that this 'writing' started?


Om Tat Sat Brahmaarpanamastu