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"Giving-something-back-to-the-society" project

“Giving-something-back-to-the-society” project ---- Written on 10th December 2011:

Om Tat Sat Brahmaarpanamastu

My Dear Guruji,

I'm reminded that I have left out this item, in my writings....

Guruji, when I met YOU on 17th October 2011 and mentioned about this giving-something-back-to-the-society project,

Me: All that is missing now is Kubera and maybe once that happens, this project can begin.

Guruji: When one gets started on the project, all good things automatically follows.

Giving-something-back-to-the-society project:

Few years ago [I dug up my diary and it was actually on 28th Jan 2006], a thought came to me that "If time and money" were not a constraint [ie I had unlimited time and unlimited money], what would I do?.... I had written in a diary, a number of things beginning with materialistic things and ended up with giving-something-back-to-the-society....I said, well,  EVEN IF I had unlimited time & money, I still need a group of experts who know Vaastu & temple architecture to guide me.....And I told God, if this is your WILL, that this "giving-something-back-to-the-society project" should happen, you need to send me Lakshmi Devi/Kubera and also Viswakarma !!.....Even few months ago [February - March 2011], when my husband casually & jokingly reminded me of my "giving-something-back-to-the-society project", I said to myself, I have not yet met the 'initial conditions' ie time and money, let alone Viswakarma....If it is God's wish, maybe we would win the lottery & have money [read 'Lakshmi/Kubera'] but what about Viswakarma?? Is Viswakarma going to come out of thin air???

  1. YOU brought Viswakarma into my life on 28th July 2011 in the form of Sri K.P Umapathy Aacharya   {Mentioned in "My conversations with HER - Part 10" of the series}
  2. YOU brought HER - Lalithamba, into my life in the form of Sri Vidya - HER Vidya on 7th August 2011 {My Lakshmi Devi} {Mentioned in "My conversations with HER - 2" of the series}
  3. And YOU revealed YOURSELF as ME on 31st October 2011 { My Kubera ---- Is there a greater wealth than one's own SELF?}

Sometime in June 2011:

One of the homas that Arjunaacharya {at the Meppad Temple } had recommended was the Sharabeswar homa....As I was 'researching' about what that homa meant, one of the websites that I came across was this site and I happened to read this pdf document .....It took me almost a week to finish reading the whole document and


Me: SHE told Dr Maneesh about the same thing that I had in mind.....It sounds almost like my giving-something-back-to-the-society project

The project:

This "random thought" came to me one day as I was reading some "Amar Chitra Katha" storybook.....I vaguely recall the book to be Amar Chitra Katha - Stories from Mahabharatha.....Page 1 of the storybook had a picture of a Yagna sthala and a few sages performing some yagna....So I had thought "Maybe one day, when I have all the time and money in the world, I can build a similar Yagna sthala.....A place where homas are done everyday to benefit people and mankind.....And who knows, maybe this Kali Yuga may not be so bad after all.....Not if such regular homas are done everyday"........

And I would day-dream, adding more details as time went by......I would imagine how the place would look like ------ a huge rectangular corridor which surrounds a pond-like structure in the middle, something similar to the Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple tank {at Madurai, India}....The pond would have
  • Sky-blue colour bottom, something similiar to the modern swimming pools,
  • Be filled with lotus flowers
  • And in the middle of it, would be a little gopuram with a big 3D Srichakra

There would be a total of 108 homa kundams in the corridor and the corridor height would be very tall-enough to let the smoke out of the homa kundam.....No drawings or paintings on the corridor ceilings as they may get stained by the smoke...The outer side of the corridors will have various perennials plants, trees and flowers...Something like how Amar Chitra Katha describes all those hermitages of the sages...The place would be something like heaven on earth.....And ofcourse, there will be rudhraksha bead wall hangings, something like this ,  this and this on the corridors.....All of the 21 mukhis of rudhrakshas

There would also be a residence place for all the priests/pundits to stay and maybe a small vedic-school where 'vedic pundits' are trained...

And if the area is big enough, maybe also a Kalyana Mandapam {Marriage Hall}

October 2011 - As I stood in queue at Tirupathi:

Someone in the queue ahead of us was eating some raw peanuts and dropping the shells on the floor....I told him once "Don't drop it on the floor...Put it in the dustbin"...He nodded his head, a few minutes later, continued what he was doing.

Me: Lalithamba, why did YOU give him that thought?..Couldn't YOU have made him put it in the dustbin?....Look how dirty the whole queue area is - people dropping their tea cups, peanut shells etc...What makes one think that they can dirty HIS place [Tirupathi Balaji's place], stand in queue for a few hours, pray to HIM & HE will give people whatever they ask of HIM...

And as I looked to the other side, I saw a pond, surrounded by green vegetation and I was reminded of my giving-something-back-to-the-society project....I thought "Will the Yagna sthala also be dirty like this??...Why aren't Indians more responsible towards their environment??...Take most of NRIs....All that they have to do is, step into India and they resume their old behavior of dirtying their surroundings....The same people who, when in USA, Singapore etc take the trouble to properly 'trash' items, just throw it around in the streets in India."

Me: Lalithamba, if YOU are not going to do anything to make Indians be more responsible towards their surroundings, why do YOU want me to start the Yagna sthala project?.....Yes, the homas, pujas etc will help people, but is that all that there is??....Doesn't the outer environment matter at all?

SHE: What would you do if you were ME?

Me: Why do YOU want to know?.....As if it matters what I think....It's all YOUR doing anyway, isn't it?

SHE: Remember that sentence that you told your aacharya?

Flashback on - "that sentence that I told aacharya":

 ......but for YOU = HER, that is like being in hand with the creator to make a better world, to anonymously change the life of many people......I don't mean to contribute to your ego/mind but given that there are only a handful of enlightened people who are THERE, isn't it like 'you' being on HER side to help HER help humanity? Aren't YOU = HER on the same team?.....

SHE: Now that you have received the Maha Sodasi Mantra and YOU = ME, tell me what you would do.

Me: Fine...If it was me, if I am YOU, then I would make people earn-the-right to have such a place in India...Right now, according to me, they don't...Let me tell YOU what I think....YOU then do what YOU want
    • YOU preach advaita right??...Then what difference does it make to YOU where this place is?....If this place is in India or abroad?
    • If anything, some of the vedic people that I've come across, have this huge ego that India is such-a-punya-boomi and the rest of the world, compared to India, is a bad place to be.....If YOU are really an expert in advaita, how are YOU going to change this mentality?....What does a MOTHER do if HER child misbehaves??...What do I do if my 3 year old son misbehaves??.....I take away his toy and give it back to him only if he corrects his behavior.
    • Lalithamba, even if all of these are my 'human/biased' thoughts, even if YOU were to tell me that, I have only 2 main things to point out to YOU.......Let's assume that this Yagna Sthala is built in Chennai, India, like the way YOU told Dr. Maneesh and Narasimha Rao of Vedic wisdom yahoo group , will YOU be able to overcome 2 main obstacles 1) In allowing ALL people --- irrespective of their caste, religion, belief or non-belief in God, to come & participate in the homas?....2) YOU are a woman, right Lalithamba??....Will YOU be able to allow women to come & participate in the homas irrespective of their monthly periods??.....Is India evolved enough to let that happen??.....I have a doubt Lalithamba....YOU call YOURSELF the MOTHER of all, Srichakra "houses" 64 crores of Devis, right??...... So, in a month, at any given time, atleast one of YOUR Devis must be having HER monthly periods, right??....So, how do people know when-to-pray-to-which-Devi??.....What if people pray to one of YOUR DEVIS when SHE is having HER monthly period??......Will SHE say "I refuse to answer your prayers now, as the timing is not correct?".....And if this rule doesn't apply to YOUR DEVIS, why do YOU let it happen to mortal-women?.....Could it have happened that way if YOU didn't want it to happen?....Atleast outside India, the rules are not this strict.....People - the very same Indians, in USA, would think twice before they dare say such a thing to an American woman......Atleast, when in USA, they might fear that they might be sued for "racial or gender discrimination"......Didn't aacharya mention something about some NRI contacting him recently about starting  some project related to "vedic practices"??.....Well, put that NRI in-touch with PVR Narasimha Rao, tell them about the change-in-venue and get the project started....
    • If I am YOU, then I would start this project in USA....I would have P.V.R Narasimha Rao of the "Vedic wisdom yahoo group" head this project.....He's already sincerely following what YOU asked him to do...He has started the Homam movement   & has got a few thousands of people regularly do it in their homes....So, it's upto YOU to re-appear before him and his Guru Dr. Maneesh and tell them that "there-has-been-a-change-of-venue"....YOU really want to preach advaita??.....Get the project started in USA.....Maybe at a later stage, this project can happen in India too....Even if YOU were to tell me that USA is not-such-a-punya-boomi, let me ask YOU this --- What better place to start this project, but at the very place that is not-such-a-punya-boomi??
    • These are just my thoughts Lalithamba.....Do what YOU want....

I was then reminded of all those questions that I had asked HER {My conversations with HER - Part 22 }....So

Me:  Lalithamba, how many more of YOUR mistakes do YOU want me to point out?...Who is YOUR boss Lalithamba??...Who do YOU report to??...I have a list-of-complaints-against-YOU......BRAHMAN, are YOU HER boss??...Just wait till I find YOU BRAHMAN..


And I continued chanting the Maha Sodasi mantra {and giving away the merit of chanting it}, so that I could find BRAHMAN & get some answers !!

After the incident on the return flight on 31st October 2011:
  • BRAHMAN, if YOU alone are real, if everything else is just an illusion, then why do YOU want me to start that giving-something-back-to-the-society project??....Isn't that too unreal??
  • Didn't you benefit from all those homas that you had done??...Did you not immediately feel the difference?

Once I came back to USA, I did contact P.V.R Narasimha Rao & tell him about the-change-in-venue and there is no response from him....So, maybe these were "just thoughts" that I should have been "just-watching" and not "respond to"...

Guruji, I had this "overwhelming instinct" to write down my experiences....And hence these writings....The only thing that I was seeking in this lifetime is the "Highest Truth" and I've realized IT.....I've also realized that one can do all the preaching that one wants but it's upto the recipient on how s/he takes it---- upto HER on the kind of thoughts SHE gives a person.....Guruji, I really don't know anything at all......Everything that is said in the Bhavani Ashtakam applies to me too....

I know YOU Guruji.....I know that YOU are in me, as my inner Guru.....That's all I know....And for me, that's good enough...

So, with YOUR permission, I go back to remain anonymous.

At YOUR feet Guruji, 

Om Tat Sat Brahmaarpanamastu

*** Update:  “Giving-something-back-to-the-society” project ---- Written on 3rd  January 2012:

Om Tat Sat Brahmaarpanamastu

My Dear Guruji,

On 31st December 2011, as simple-as-that, a thought came to me:
·   What do you think Dr. Pillai's San Diego Pillai retreat center is doing, if not the very thing that you said?....The project has already begun in USA...Daily homas are being done at the Pillai retreat center.

Guruji, I've also noticed a few changes in Dr. Pillai's messages....He has now asked for 'daily Siddha Blessing' ritual to be done at the retreat center "in order to bring in great light and wisdom for the planet"......Somewhere on his website, He said that in recent meditations, Goddess Angali Amman revealed to Him that SHE will awaken & live again with HER full power...

Guruji, "something" tells me, my conscious tells me that the Golden Age will begin in 2012....IT tells me "Didn't you ask all the Siddhas to merge into HER?.....Didn't you ask HER to awaken from HER slumber?"

Sometime during early November 2011:

One day, I had an urge to chant the Maha Sodasi mantra and I chanted one round of it, using my rudhraksha mala....On finishing the chant, I placed my hands on the ground and gave deeksha to "not just to MOTHER EARTH but the entire COSMOS" and said "Whatever is the merit obtained by chanting the Maha Sodasi mantra on a rudhraksha mala, I give it all back to YOU BRAHMAN.....May the entire COSMOS be benefitted".

Upon completion of the chant, my thoughts:

·   What were you doing?
·   I chanted the Maha Sodasi mantra and gave away whatever merit is obtained on chanting the mantra on a rudhraksha mala...Didn't I read in Devi Bhagavatham, that doing japam on a rudhraksha mala is a few lakh or crore times extra punya compared to doing japam without using a rudhraksha mala?....So I gave away all the merit.
·   You, by chanting the Maha Sodasi Mantra may have gained a few lakh or crore times punya....But if you had remained in “silence”, when you are IT, then you are at "infinity"....Which one do you think is greater? ---- Giving away a few lakh or crore times punya??  Or being at "infinity" times punya?


 After a few minutes,

·   BRAHMAN, couldn't YOU have told me this before I started chanting?....Why did YOU wait until I finished chanting to tell me this? It is all YOUR fault.
·   You are the one who keeps asking for "practical experience" isn't it?
·   Only because YOU make me ask it....Stop putting the blame on me and start taking responsibility for YOUR actions...Could I have done it if YOU didn't want me to?


After a while,

·   BRAHMAN, if I don't chant the Maha Sodasi Mantra, I might forget the mantra.
·   When the very purpose of the mantra is to make you forget that you are "not separate from IT", then the mantra is working, isn't it? When you are BRAHMAN, all that you need to remember is THAT. There is nothing else to remember.

And I stopped chanting the Maha Sodasi Mantra after that....I chant it occasionally when there is an inner urge to chant it, to give deeksha to someone...If not, I don't.

And now, IT tells me, that the entire COSMOS has benefitted from that deeksha...A golden age will indeed be born in 2012....The consciousness of mankind "will undergo a change", a change for the good.

At Your feet Guruji,

Om Tat Sat Brahmaarpanamastu