Saturday, May 12, 2012

Srichakra drawing

I feel like sharing this wealth with all of you. Learn to draw the Srichakra. It will bring unimaginable abundance to you. It is the most easy & simple form of DEVI sadhana.

Instructions on how to draw it can be found here and here.

If for some reason, you are unable to draw it, you can still be benefitted. I give to you this drawing of Srichakra that I've personally drawn. I give it to you to bring love, abundance, joy, health and everything positive into your lives. Yes, it is perfectly safe to keep it at home. There is no need to fear anything. If at all there is something to be lost, it is the negativity, negative energy and ego in oneself  and that is a blissfull loss isn't it?

You can download it from here.

Also attached is a brief description on what a Srichakra is and some frequently-asked-questions on it. I've compiled this list from my Guruji's answers. You can download it from here.