Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Clarification

A Clarification – Written on 7th December 2011:

Om Tat Sat Brahmaarpanamastu
My Dear Guruji,
Yesterday I browsed through the Devipuram website and I felt "something"....This morning I realized it and so
  • BRAHMAN, why did YOU make me write all those "My conversations with HER" series? I trusted YOU BRAHMAN....I trusted mySELF. I didn't have any doubt, but today there is this thought "Why did YOU make me write all those articles and preach about "BRAHMAN Satya, Jagat Mitya", when YOU made my Guruji build the temple at Devipuram? How could YOU make me contradict my Guruji? How could I be the reason to bring a conflict to my Guruji's work? Surely, my Guruji also trusted HER & built HER the temple as SHE asked Him to. When all the GODS & GODDESS are indeed ONE, why the temple at Devipuram? I know the advaitic answer...Give me a dualistic answer. 
  • Suppose you go to a restaurant and order "idly", it doesn't mean that the person sitting in the next table shouldn't order "dosa" or a person sitting down the aisle shouldn't order "vegetable fried rice". Similarly, each person, according to their spiritual level, may seek different things from ME. Hence the different deities at Devipuram.

A little while later,

BRAHMAN, the thoughts - however one wants to call it - Lalithamba, Parvathi Devi etc are very tricky. I also realized one thing. I've given up all attachments but I realized that there is just one attachment that I haven't yet let-go-of. The thought that "I'm HER mother and SHE is my daughter".....And since this too is a thought, I take it to mean that it's HER reminding me....So, 
  •   Lalithamba, YOU in the form of my thoughts, made me mentally renounce all attachments.....YOU also made me think & say that "YOU are my daughter and I am YOUR mother".....And YOU know what, just like how YOU made me mentally renounce all attachments, I renounce YOU too and how do I renounce YOU? --- By making YOU go & serve my Guruji at Devipuram. Note to the playful Lalithamba: No, I did not mean that YOU have to give my Guruji "thoughts". 
  • Get to work Lalithamba....YOU were the one who made Swami Vivekananda say "Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached"....This is YOUR wakeup call...Arise Lalithamba, and go serve my Guruji in the form of good thoughts (people) coming to Devipuram.....Let everyone find their inner Guru and YOU, within themselves and realize the ultimate Truth...Here are the reasons why this is YOUR  "catch-22" situation –

1.  This is YOUR thought....So, YOU came to me & made me think it.
2.  YOU were the one who made me think "That thing that Bhagavat Gita talks about ----- One who see action in inaction and inaction in action" .....Well Lalithamba, if this sentence was good enough for ME, isn't it good enough for YOU?
At YOUR feet Guruji,
Om Tat Sat Brahmaarpanamastu